Babies are Here!!!

It’s tuff being born

The babies where born March 11th !!! I barely had to do anything, it was amazing, the bad after Nymeria’s and Summer’s birthday, her own babies where born, this is great for me, because I have a really hard time remembering dates.  I was so excited the whole week leading up to the due date, checking on her three times a day, and fussing with her, of course it was when I went of to lunch that she had her babies. I walked down there, and a little orange fluff ball was wobbling about.   The first to drop was a little baby girl, I was personally hoping for just one, but my friend was right and she had another in there, he needed a little help getting out, but nothing crazy. With two babies on the ground, Nymeria showed how good of a mommy she it, licking and cleaning both, urging them to drink, and best of all letting me fuss with them.


So Nymeria is the proud nanny goat of a doeling and buckling.


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